[Marxism] New book on Fred Hampton assassination

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Nov 6 19:26:28 MST 2009

Tom Cod wrote:
> Amen, brother. I had the privilege of seeing Fred Hampton at the Young Socialist Alliance (YSA) convention in Chicago in November 1968 as a 15 year old high school activist, but some of the older "leading comrades" felt scandalized by him and later by the Panthers generally, seeking to *set us straight* on this.As Fidel once commented, folks like that wouldn't recognize a revolution if occurred  right under their nose and if they did, you can count on them opposing it.  It is to the credit of Workers World Party and even ISO that their spirit of solidarity on this was 180 degrees away from that.

That's because he went way over his 30 minute time allotment. After he 
had harangued us for an hour, Derrick Morrison came up 3 times to get 
him to wind it down. And each time he raised the level of vituperation 
against us and kept going. I am very sorry he got killed by the cops, 
but my impression of him was: an egotistical, ultraleft jerk. I took a 
week off from work to attend this convention and wanted to hear what 
people in my own organization had to say, not a guest. I think the only 
people around this time who were into soaking up every word from a 
Panther for hours on end were SDS'ers. I preferred Marxism myself.

Additionally, Tom,why don't you switch to gmail. Your posts have all the 
ill behavior associated with yahoo.

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