[Marxism] Problems composing a reply

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Sat Nov 7 07:38:00 MST 2009

At 09:02 07/11/09 -0500, you wrote:
>In the interests of communication, I strongly urge comrades to switch to 
Lou, you must be aware of what an unreasonable demand that is! I absolutely
reject any website, for instance, that tells me I have to use a different
browser or to install their preferred software; those are decisions I will
make based on the whole of my computer experience, not an individual
request (which, of course, would often conflict with an equally
unreasonable request from a different source!).

Secondly, you must realize that it would be more reasonable for you to
simply switch to a more compatible email client, rather than everyone on
hotmail or yahoo (both of which I despise) to act in order to comply with
your particular situation! But I'm not even going to suggest that.

Although I don't have a hotmail account to play around with, I am PRETTY
SURE they have a setting for "wrapping" of composed emails. So if you are
on hotmail, go to their configuration screen and find that setting. Send an
email to yourself to test it. If the email is still unwrapped (as Louis
objects to) then resizing the window you read it in will alter where a new
line begins. If it is wrapped, new lines will always begin on the same
words (unless you make the window so small it still needs to wrap some
lines in the reader, as Lou's email program doesn't do properly).

There was an objection to Yahoo mail, but I can see that Yahoo does it both
ways depending on the user's setting. I expect that hotmail has the same
option available.

- Jeff

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