[Marxism] Problems composing a reply

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Sat Nov 7 11:04:27 MST 2009


ok, i figured out why i do not have the long line when i reply. you wont
believe this, but:

for each account in Thunderbird, you can go to the settings for that
account and click on Composition&Addressing and click ON the use of HTML
formatting. the text then gets properly wrapped in the reply buffer. but
if you so desire you can still SEND the message in plain text, as i do.

weird but true.

however, the one-long-line stuff in the quoted text will still go out as
one long line. it's just that it does not display as such in Thunderbird.

so long as you specifically do NOT set the lists.econ.utah.edu as an 
HTML domain in Thunderbird, the message will get sent out in plain text 
if it came in as plain text.

i don't make this stuff up.


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