[Marxism] New Book on Fred Hampton Assasination

Marv Gandall marvgandall at videotron.ca
Sat Nov 7 15:16:51 MST 2009

Tom Cod writes:

> I note the CP, for all its faults, had a different approach and was in the
> thick of solidarity with them and made political gains in that milieu...
The CP was uniformally opposed to the Panthers' program and tactics in much
the same way the SWP was. Within both organizations, however, there were
members who had a more tolerant approach to the Panthers and those who could
barely contain their hostility - often corresponding to whether they were
working class veterans of the 30's who formed the core of the leadership or
younger 60's activists who had occasion for more frequent contact with the
BBP in common milieus. The same internal tensions between older working
class leaders and younger student recruits were observable in relation to
much of the political work conducted by both organizations within the
antiwar, women's, and other protest movements in and around the

For the CP, see relevant excerpts from the Dorothy Healey's memoir here:


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