[Marxism] Re;Panthers

Ron J rjacobs3625 at charter.net
Sun Nov 8 07:47:37 MST 2009

My age in 1968 is pretty much irrelevant here.  History lives on. If I 
were to use one's age as a method of determining whether or not I should 
read what  someone says on this list, than the whole bunch of us have no 
right to discuss Marx, the Russian revolution, the Paris Commune, etc.  
since I doubt very much most if not all of us were alive during Marx's 
lifetime or any of these events.  You believe the Panthers were 
ultraleft--that's an argument that is valid.  Your insinuation that I 
have no right to disagree with you because I was in 8th grade in 1968 is 
not only an insult to 8th graders, but totally irrelevant in terms of 
the discussion about the Panthers.  If you want to make some genuine 
political points, no problem but if you want to belittle those who 
disagree with you because they don't meet your age specifications for 
the discussion, well.....

Louis wrote"

You were in the 8th grade in 1968, weren't you, Ron? I marvel at your 
ability to "educate" me about the Panthers.

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