[Marxism] Trotsky, Kahlo and Rivera characters in new novel

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Heard her speak at the New York Public Library  Nov. 4.  As one part of her 
research, she said, she prepared dishes from Frieda Kahlo's cookbook.  She 
said she had wanted to leave Frieda completely out of the story, but simply 
couldn't, and that once engaged Frieda's character almost took her, 
Kingsolver, over until she "slammed the door" on her.

Her writing life became so intense that it took over her dreams, leading her 
to tell her husband one morning, "I dreamt I was cooking for Trotsky."

Just started the book, which has a great voice-- not as great as the five 
voices she gave speech to in The Poisonwood Bible-- but it's still early in 
the book.

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