[Marxism] A few words In Defense of the Black Panther Party

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Sun Nov 8 22:47:35 MST 2009

I haven't read more than a few sentences from a coup;le post on this,
and I have no time now to give to it. I will toss out a couple flat

1. Anyone who calls the Panthers ultra-left (a) doesn[t really
understand the concepts of ultra-left and ultra-right (or left and right
opportunism), and (b) probably is pretty ignorant of the actual practice
of the Pdanthers.

2."The 60s" must be seen on the basis of a careful historical
consideration of what were the real limits beyond which the collective
left movement of the period could not surpass. Attempts to explain the
period in terms of errors are really rather stupid. By 1969 or so all
that could be achieved at that time had been achieved, though the corpse
remained active for a few years until the defeat of ERA put a tombstone
on its g rave. ......The Panthers represented the high point of that
period, the furthest reach of its political practice. Doomed to fail,
but a beacon for the future.

3. The failure of white leftists to defend the Panthers against the
heavy repression of 1969-70 is the greatest blot on the whole period.


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