[Marxism] Queer Kids of Queer Parents Against Gay Marriage!

Thomas Bias biastg at embarqmail.com
Mon Nov 9 08:41:18 MST 2009

Just on the substance of what these two young lesbians are saying: I  
sympathize with a lot of it, especially remembering the passionate  
discussions that went on until all hours of the night in David's  
Thorstad's apartment in the summer of 1971 when I crashed there while  
on temporarily assignment at 410 West (and thank you for that,  
David!). I have often told people that if you had raised the  
slightest suggestion at that time that in 2009 gay people would be in  
the streets demanding the right to marry, you would have been  
answered by peals of contemptuous laughter.

However, the authors make one basic mistake: they assume that being  
gay makes one radical, and it isn't so. Gay people are, as we know,  
in all classes, all races, in every walk of life. We may disagree  
with them, but there are gay people who are patriotic and wish to  
join the military. And there are gay people who want the white-picket- 
fence, "normal family" life. They have the right. My opinion: gay  
liberation is about the right of individual gay people to make  
choices freely for their own lives. And that means that it's wrong to  
exclude them from the armed forces, and if the state has provision  
for civil marriage for heterosexual couples, it is blatant  
discrimination to deny it to homosexual couples. One could argue that  
the state should abolish civil marriage for both straights and gays,  
and I might even agree with that. But that's not on the agitational  
agenda today.

Nevertheless, I think that the ideas that are presented in "Resist  
the Gay Marriage Agenda!" should be heard and taken seriously.


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