[Marxism] A few words In Defense of the Black Panther Party

Marv Gandall marvgandall at videotron.ca
Mon Nov 9 14:06:52 MST 2009

Carrol writes:

> Left opportunism or Ultra-Left is characterized by an overestimation of
> the strength of capital, an under-estimation of the strength of the
> working class. Using this description, I see the most destructive
> ultra-leftism of the '60s to have been the SWP policy of "single-issue"
> demonstrations.
Hardly. Your description is opposite the one used by Marxists, who viewed
"left adventurism" or "ultra-leftism" as an overestimation of working class
strength and an underestimation of the resources available to the ruling
class, leading to failed premature efforts to seize power as, for example,
in Hungary, Germany, and elsewhere in the immediate aftermath of the
Bolshevik Revolution. "Right opportunism" was considered to consist in an
underestimation of the workers' fighting capacity and an exaggerated respect
for capital, the most common indictment which was levelled against social
democratic party and trade union leaders by Marxists.

Critics of the SWP did not see it as "ultra-left" for refusing to integrate
pro-NLF themes into it's antiwar work, but as being to the right of
themselves, self-described "revolutionaries", for failing to do so.

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