[Marxism] In Defense of the Black Panther Party

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And a caricature of Mao's ideas and the Chinese Revolution as well which occurred because of the mobilization of the broad masses by the CCP and the Red Army.  I guess Mao was "tailing after the bourgoise" in October 1949, so why do they hate him so much?  Hey, "who lost China?"
For my review of Paret's book on Clausewitz on Amazon (3rd one down):

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>  Artesian wrote:
> >Mao said political power grows out of the 
> >barrel of a gun?  Chalk that up to one more 
> >thing where Maoism tails after  the bourgeoisie...
> >I mean somebody said way before Mao 
> >"War is the continuation of politics by 
> >other means"  or something like that, right?  
> >So what? ...
> I am so glad Artesian has read "Vom Krieg"
> as it is a work well worth studying. The 
> best English translation is by Michael Howard
> and Peter Paret published by Princeton. 

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