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It is amazing how little the Weather-underground people have learned over the last 40 years. It is to the Panthers' credit that they viewed the "Days of Rage" as the spoiled-brat tantrum that it was.  Somehow people 

like Dohrn and her union busting husband Bill Ayers come through life like the children of privilege they are. 


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> Again, I am behind on reading posts, having been in Amherst since
> Thursday, and probably won't catch up. Apologies if this repeats points
> already made.
> Fred Hampton spent the last few months of his life going from Black high
> school to Black high school -- and what was he telling them: he was
> condemning the Wetherman tendency. That repeated polemic against the
> Weatherman, delivered to Black high school students, catches up THE
> chief contribution of the Black Panther Party: The need for the
> development of a complex political movement that linked Black and white
> revolulutionary organizations int a commone struggle to break the
> barrier to class unity represented by racism (structural and
> ideologoical). The Weatherman tendency grew from a repudiation of that
> as a possible political goal, since white workers were so deeply racist
> that no change was possible on their part. (As one of them once argued
> with me, socialism in the United States would probably require somethng
> like a lenghy occupation of the U.S. by the PLA. The Weather loons
> really were loons.*) The Panther Pary rejected this, and constantly
> looked for white/Black cooperation. Panthers came over to
> Bloomington(Illinois) from Peoria, for example, to cooperate with the
> ISU SDS chapter in attempting to recruit ISU students to participate in
> the RYM2 October 1969 demonstrations in Chicago. Fred Hampton himself
> spoke at ISU only a couple weeks before his murder.
> I do not think the specific errors made by any political grouping of the
> past are of any interest (other than antiquarian) whatever. Errors are
> repeated, but never in any form that is a recognizable repetitionof the
> same error in earlier peiods. Criticism of the Weatherman tendency, for
> example, will do nothing whatever to protect against the identical error
> in the fture, since those who will make that error will be convinced
> that they are entirely different from the Weatherman tendency. My
> remarks above on Eatherman are meant to help clarify a political
> principle that still holds: that "black-white" unity (or cooperation)
> can coame aboaut _only_ through the leadership of Black revolutionary
> forces. Weatherman terrorism is a triviality; their rejection of this
> principle was profound, and this principle still holds today.
> Carrol
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