[Marxism] Marxmail at its finest

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Mon Nov 9 19:24:14 MST 2009

There are times on this list when
I forget the cynicism and irritation
some of the debates engender and
truly appreciate the work of Louis
and Les at making the whole thing go.
Such has been my response to the series
of posts on the Black Panther Party.
I found it absolutely fascinating
to read the radically different
responses of Tom and Louis to the
same event - the speech by Fred Hampton
to a YSA convention in Chicago in 1969.

I was not surprised by the resulting
dismissal/glorification of the Panthers
and expected the debate to simply
stagnate and end there. Instead, thanks
to Anthony's superb piece on 8 Nov. and
the impressive response of the same day
by Artesian, this exchange became
something far greater. I can honesty
say that thanks to the the quality of
these contributions I was also moved to
re-evaluate some of my own judgments
on this period and consider those
years again in a new light.

There is now on the "A Few Words in
Defense of the Black Panthers" thread
a recurring memory of the disconnect
between different generations of
revolutionaries and the tragic failure
to support and learn from each other.
I remember well when Gus Hall was
denouncing every radical group outside
the Communist Party as the "phony left"
while at the same time the country was 
on fire with outrage and anger over 
racism and imperialism.  Nestor
wrote powerfully of the agony across the
generational divide in Argentina as
young activists hurled themselves
into their repressive state, only
to be consumed.

There are no easy answers to these
questions and very few places to
discuss and struggle with them.
This time Marxmail has proven
itself more than equal to the task.

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