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Brother Melvyn's comments to me offline made me move past my initial 
reaction of objection to the "beatification" of Fred Hampton and review my 
own contact with Stokely Carmichael before the Panthers, and then the work 
in SDS with the Panthers.

And his comments made me re-read Anthony's post, which is really quite 

So... What I do know, what brought me into contact with SNCC, the SCLC in 
Chicago, SDS, the Panthers, the Peace and Freedom Party, Kenny Cockerel, the 
LRBW back in the day still pushes the critique and opposition to capital--  
that in the history and future of the struggle for the emancipation of black 
labor in the US resides the key to future of the emanicpation of all labor.

Someday I'll tell you the story of carrying the $5,000 (? can't remember the 
exact amount) in cash raised at the P&FP convention in Ann Arbor to the 
bank, with a bodyguard appointed by Eldridge Cleaver.  I could barely keep 
from rolling on the ground with laughter, imagining what I, it, must look 
like to all the cops tailing us.

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