[Marxism] Mexican oil crisis; Venezuelan energy crisis, Cuba, etc.

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Some articles on the increasing problems of delivering reliable energy

Mexico is currently facing one of the biggest economic recessions in the 
country’s two hundred-year history of independence. Some Mexican policy 
makers blame the economic crisis on this year’s decrease in tourism, 
while others attribute it to the continued dependence of the Mexican 
economy on the United States, pointing to its neighbor’s recession as a 
principal cause for the country’s woes. Nonetheless, Mexico’s plummet in 
oil production and the decline in the price of oil are two main 
contributors to its present economic downfall. While other countries 
have begun to pull out of the recession, it appears that the fall in oil 
production and prices have further led to an ongoing decline in Mexico’s 
economy, which the country’s planners are finding difficult to reverse.

Full: http://www.energytribune.com/articles.cfm?aid=2495

Blackouts Plague Energy-Rich Venezuela
With oil revenues declining and the economy slowing, the shortages may 
have no quick fixes in sight. The government announced some emergency 
measures this week, including limits on imports of air-conditioning 
systems, rate increases for consumers of large amounts of power and the 
building of new gas-fired power plants, which would not be completed 
until the middle of the next decade.

Skepticism also persists over another plan — to develop a nuclear energy 
program — because it would require billions of dollars and extensive 
training of Venezuelan scientists at a time of budget shortfalls and 
falling oil production. Potential diplomatic resistance to Venezuela’s 
cooperation on nuclear matters with Iran could slow these ambitions 


Cuba, Russia Sign First Post-Soviet Oil Deal. Cuba and Russia signed an 
agreement Monday to allow Russian state oil company Zarubezhneft to 
explore for and produce oil in Cuba in their first post-Soviet oil pact.

"The contracts that were signed are tremendously important for Russia 
and Cuba, since they will guarantee cooperation over the next 25 years," 
said Nikolai Brunich, a Zarubezhneft official after inking the deal with 
the head of Cuba's state oil company Cubapetroleo (CUPET), Fidel Rivero.

Cuban authorities announced in October 2008 that Cuba had crude reserves 
of 21 billion barrels - more than double previous estimates.

A major Cuban oil find would be a tropical Cinderella story for the only 
communist country in the Americas.

FULL: http://news.asiaone.com/News/AsiaOne%2BNews/AsiaOne%2BNews.html

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