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Trotsky alleges (quoting someone else) that Marx said it, but doesn't
provide a direct quote:

"The revolt of Kornilov gave a powerful impetus to the radicalization
of the masses. Slutsky has recalled upon this theme a word of Marx: a
revolution needs from time to time the whip of the
counter-revolution.... "

As Michael Lebowitz indicates, it is certainly a favourite expression
of comrades from the Ted Grant brand of Trotskyism -- both the
Militant tendency and the Alan Woods group, as a google search will


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This is the quote I was thinking of, which does not exactly say the
same thing, but is I believe close enough. It's from the preface to
the Class Struggles in France: 

"In a word: The revolution made progress, forged ahead, not by its
immediate tragicomic achievements but, on the contrary, by the
creation of a powerful, united counterrevolution, by the creation of
an opponent in combat with whom the party of overthrow ripened into a
really revolutionary party."


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