[Marxism] Mexican oil crisis; Venezuelan energy crisis, Cuba, etc.

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The Mexico article is interesting.  What happened to last year's future 
contracts for all of this year's output at $70/barrel?  Did the contracts 
all expire since August when oil broke the $70/barrel level?  Did Mexico 
hedge its position, and limit its own gains?  Were the contracts unwound 
before expiration on terms that provided Mexico with nothing.  Those are a 
few questions on the derivative side of this issue.

On the production side-- it's not just that Mexico hasn't invested in fields 
outside Cantarell-- it hasn't invested in Cantarell itself to maintain 
production levels.  Mexico has seen no decline in proven reserves  despite 
continuing to pump from Cantarell without such investment, so we're 
certainly not talking about an irreversible situation.  Of course, for 
Calderon and co. reversing means privatising and selling off the fields to 
the oil majors.

Venezuela-- I find the story troubling.. disruption of utilities, of 
supplies of electricity and water is too often the overture to the attempt 
to overthrow a left government by eroding and exhausting its popular 

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