[Marxism] Greek Orthodox al Qaeda operative?

Matthew Russo russo.matthew9 at gmail.com
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Actually, Florida has the honor of being America's penis (so sayeth Homer

That makes Tex-ass, yep pardner, America's anus.

And California its quivering, sun-burnt derriere.

I believe that covers the compass of Americas lower parts, so firmly planted
upon poor Mexico as it also relieves itself upon Cuba.

The U.S. has been and continues to be the great magnet for the worlds'
grifters, con-artists, hucksters and swindlers, among other things, many of
them succeeding to high office.

At my Japanese-English speech club here in San Francisco, I was struck by
the themes of two speeches given by two of our Japanese members (in Japanese
of course): Why don't Americans ever do "ayamari" (apologies), and Why don't
Americans ever show "omoiyari" (thoughtfulness or consideration of others).
They really were quite vexed by this.  As I explained to my Japanese hosts
in a recent trip there, this noxious in your face egotistical aggressiveness
is the actual American "tatemae", or externalized formal front to the world,
while American "honne" or "real feelings" were that of a deeply frightened
and bewildered adolescent lacking in self-knowledge.  As I explained it in
this way it clicked immediately with them as the reverse of the Japanese
tradition, as at the same time it also clicked in my head for the first
time, to tell the truth.

One day the majority of our Americans will grow up and awaken to who they
really are, or will soon be: proletarians!


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What a s**tbag country this is, and Florida being one of the biggest bags.

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