[Marxism] Energy and El Niño, Venezuela and Colombia

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 11 21:40:10 MST 2009

Look, we need to get some numbers here-- in terms of increased power 
consumption in Venezuela.  Remember about soviets and electricity?  Well 
social revolution, social development takes a lot of juice, literally.  So 
the improved social welfare of more, rather than fewer people in Venezuela 
certainly increases the load on the grids, on the existing generating 

I think those numbers will show significant increase in demand without 
significant increase in generating capacity.  Let's see what we can find.

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> Anthony, the blackouts have little to do with Venezuelan economic
> situation and I think you mis-read the Romero article.
> It was Romero that mentioned the lack of rainfall as a source of
> problems for the country's power failures, you imply he doesn't. In fact
> the problem is somewhat structural. 

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