[Marxism] Energy and El Niño, Venezuela and Colombia

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 11 22:21:32 MST 2009

So here's what the IEA says for 2006:

Vz:  total electricity generation app 110,000 Gwh

Hydro-electric portion 70% (Colombia about 75%, Brazil 85%)

Consumption 80,773 GWh

Loss in distribution 24, 028 [perhaps David or Anthony can explain that 
number-- is it really Gwh lost in transmission and distribution?]

So that puts consumption [subtracting the amount lost in distribution from 
total production, assuming that's the right thing to do] right about 93% of 
production, with any minor change in the sources of hydro-electric 
generation having possible dramatic repercussions.

Somewhere along the line, foresight has to be employed, or as we used to 
say-- 6Ps

Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance 

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