[Marxism] A guest post on "Cuba, Eritra: setting the record straight"

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Nov 12 09:38:07 MST 2009

by Johnny Sanchez

I recently came across an article written by Sam Farber entitled 
“Contradictions of Cuba’s foreign policy” that appears in the ISO 
newspaper. I found this article fascinating because it went on to 
claim how self-interested Castro is and, because of such, Cuba 
therefore has no real relationship to true revolution.

Farber declares that “while it is true that Cuba has followed a 
consistent policy of opposition to U.S.-sponsored imperialism, it 
has not followed that policy towards other imperialist aggressors. 
In fact, the Cuban government has taken the side of oppressor 
states on various occasions…. [and] also supported the suppression 
of the Eritrean national movement in the 1970’s.” Farber then 
asks: “How can we explain the contradictory policies of Cuba 
regarding the right of nations to self-determination?”

I was genuinely intrigued by Farber’s questions and comments 
because A) I love to learn about history and B) I visited Cuba and 
found myself inspired by its people and the Cuban nation – so much 
so that while in Cuba I better understood the meaning of Frederick 
Douglass’ quote “without struggle there is no progress”. So, 
naturally, I was inclined to question Farber’s article because I 
wanted to understand his point of view.

So, what did I do? I found a book that supports Sam Farber’s 
claims in regards to Cuba’s policy, but more specifically in 
relation to Eritrea’s independence movement. Further, to keep 
objectivity -with my limitations and all, I questioned what I 
found in that book as much as I could. The book in question is 
Eritrea: a Pawn in World Politics written by Okbazghi Yohannes.

read full article: 

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