[Marxism] brief blog entry: The Animal Controversy

Maxwell Clark maxclark84 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 10:17:10 MST 2009

The Animal Controversy
The Socialist Worker (US) has been, uncharacteristically, running a
series of letters in response to an article by Paul D'Amato on
'Socialism and "animal rights"'. The latest of these letters is
entitled by the editors, with a horrid surety in their access to the
minds of their audience, 'Our understanding of liberation'. The
polemic is thus apparently closed here as "our" agreement is certain.
A sad and pathetic end to the thing.

Now, what was so uncharacteristic about all the letters previous to
this was their dissent from the ruling line of the SW. Precisely on
account of the "minor" or "peripheral" status of the question of
humans and animals, and the concurrent devaluation of argument around
this issue from the the SW's ownership and management, did a welter of
genuine polemic come gushing through the sluices of the SW's official

"Our" latest letter signifies an acknowledgement of this error on the
part of the SW's ruling clique alone. It was too licentious with its
private media dictatorship. If others begin questioning the value of
the SW's private text then soon comes bankruptcy or, worse,
revolutionary expropriation of its means of communication.

I decline to engage the actual content of "our" last letter because it
is beneath criticism. It isolates a single error on a part of the
righteous dissent and amplifies it unto a representation of the entire
current. For shame. What an "abstraction", if you will.

And so the battle between party ruling-class and all its others rages
on, if only as a "subterranean fire" perhaps. If the sluices of the
animal controversy are now dammed up then we may predict yet other
unforeseen openings to come.

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