[Marxism] A guest post on "Cuba, Eritra: setting the record straight"

Shane Mage shmage at pipeline.com
Thu Nov 12 10:21:23 MST 2009

On Nov 12, 2009, at 11:38 AM, Louis Proyect wrote:

> by Johnny Sanchez

> Farber declares that “while it is true that Cuba has followed a
> consistent policy of opposition to U.S.-sponsored imperialism, it
> has not followed that policy towards other imperialist aggressors.
> In fact, the Cuban government has taken the side of oppressor
> states on various occasions…. [and] also supported the suppression
> of the Eritrean national movement in the 1970’s.”

Sanchez objects to this statement in regard to Ethiopia (no mention  
from him about the Castroists Pecksniffian support for the 1968  
Russian imperial aggression against Czechoslovakia) and supplies this  

"Instead, Farber and Yohannes want me take them at their word, their  
own individual assertions, and want me to accept these personal claims  
that since Cuba had troops in the Ogaden region of Ethiopia then it  
must mean Cuba purposefully and intentionally suppressed the Eritrea  
Independence Movement."

Of course there was no allegation that "Cuba purposefully and  
intentionally suppressed the Eritrea Independence Movement...," just  
that it "supported" the government trying to suppress it. Sanchez  
recognizes (how could he not?) that the Cubans gave important military  
support to Mengistu, though not *in* Eritrea (mainly in the Ogaden,  
whose Somali-speaking population was in revolt against rule by the  
Ethiopian Empire).  It seems not to matter to him that the Cubans,  
much better fighters than Mengistu's gang, allowed him to divert  
forces against the Eritreans that could not have been used but for the  
Cuban military presence. And naturally he enthuses over the political  
support the Castroists gave Mengistu, citing the Library of Congress.   
"Castro considered the Eritrean conflict an internal war rather than a  
case of external aggression.”

Shane Mage

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