[Marxism] The demands raised by Jharkhand Andolan Samanway Manch for a solution to the problems in Lalgarh

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The Jharkhand Andolan Samanway Manch (JASM) was formed on 13th March, 2009
in a meeting, which I had the privilege to convene. It was attended by three
CPI (ML) groups - CPI (ML) PCC, CPI (ML) - ND and CPI (ML) - SOC and three
Jharkhandi parties, the Jharkhand Party (Aditya), the Jharkhand Janamukti
Morcha (led by veteran Jharkhand leader Manoranjan Mahato) and Jharkhand
Kranti Dal. The People's Committee against police Atrocities (PCPA) led by
Chhatradhar Mahato was also invited to the meeting but they did not attend
it.  All constituents of JASM were participants in the Lalgarh movement
against police atrocities. The JASM considered the movement as an expression
of people's long standing aspiration for self-rule and decided to launch a
movement with the demand of "Autonomy for Paschimanchal" under Art 244 A of
the Indian Constitution. The demands raised by JASM are :
1.        Form Panchimanchal Autonomous Region under Art 244 A of the
constitution with 54 blocks under Paschim Medinipur, Bankura and Purulia.
Proper administrative and financial power vested in the hands of the
Autonomous council. The council will be elected on the basis of territorial
constituencies with proportional representation for SC, ST, OBC and
The members of the council will be electable, responsible and revocable by
the electorate on the basis of universal suffrage. Panchayets are to be
given more statutory power in the matter of land, forest and water.
2.        The communities like Kudmi Mahatos and Bagals be included in the
Scheduled Tribe List.
3.        Forest - management is to be handed over to the forest-dwellers
committees (At present they are under the bureaucrats of the forest
department. The Joint Forest Management [JFM] exists only in name). Forest
revenue should go to the forest-dwellers.
4.        The whole population in Paschimanchal (except a few government
servants school-teachers and traders) should be treated as poor and given
cereals at Rs.3/- per Kg., universal health care and universal education.
5.        Water-harvesting programmes to be taken up on a large scale to
ensure irrigation.
6.        Santhali, Mundari and Kudmali are to be introduced as medium of
instruction at primary level and teachers employed from these communities.
7.        One Ekalavya school (free residential schools) to be set up in
each block and its doors to be opened to SC, ST and OBCs.
8.        Polluting industries like Sponge Iron factories to be closed
Immediate demands:
1.        Stop state repression and release people arrested in connection
with mass movements.
2.        Remove police camps from schools.
3.        Allow the Panchayats to function and exercise supervision of
Gram-Sangsad over the functioning of Panchayats.
4.        The government starts a bilateral and multilateral dialogue
involving the various political parties including the Maoists, mass
organizations, social organizations and the Panchayets. In order to create a
conducive atmosphere for dialogue the state stops "operation green hunt" and
the Maoists stop killing.

The above demands have been formulated in the specific situation of Lalgarh
and adjoining areas where unlike Jharkhand, Chhatishgarh and orissa land
acquisitions have not taken place.
Santosh Rana
One of the conveners of JASM

Lal Salam (Red Salute)

P (India)

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