[Marxism] Visit Cuba while it's still pristine

Marcel Hatch marcel at cubaeducationtours.ca
Thu Nov 12 07:08:30 MST 2009

Greetings from Cuba Education Tours,

We extend a warm invitation to you, your friends and family to come down to Cuba with us. We have many holiday and spring tours at http://CubaFriends.com

Cubans want you to witness their country while it remains pristine -- before the impending onslaught of American tourists is unleashed.

Of course Cubans welcome all North American visitors seeking to learn about island culture, history, nature, life and have a good time too. They are proud of their achievements in realizing a green economy that guarantees housing, health care, jobs, education and equality for all. They do all this too while enhancing the arts at all levels.

Cubans take great pride in the fact that one-quarter of the island is ecologically protected, and they've received many United Nations (UNESCO) designations for historical, anthropological, cultural, natural and architectural importance.

There are other reasons to consider Cuba. It's the safest destination with the lowest crime rate in our hemisphere. It's also the healthiest western nation with the lowest disease rate. Islanders are kind, warm, helpful and effusive.

Its beaches and architecture are without equal. The weather is warm and sunny. Latin musicians abound on every corner. Every participant who joins our programs returns with memories for a lifetime, plus new friends on the island and among their North American tour mates.

We have a lineup of people-to-people tours for the holidays and during 2010 illuminating the heart and soul of Cuba -- you see all of the progress mentioned above. Our programs are geared to North American visitors who want to have a great time, see as much as possible, and witness the real Cuba beyond tourist trappings.

Come down to Cuba with us now and experience its unequalled charm and beauty.

Our tour costs and itineraries are detailed at http://CubaFriends.com

Note to our American friends: US travel regulations require you to be employed in a profession related to one of our tour themes to visit Cuba. Travel license instructions are explained on our website.

We're here for you. Don't hesitate to call or email us. Please do consider sharing this letter with your friends who might be keen on visiting Cuba.

Hoping to meet you on the island,
Marcel Hatch
Education Director
Cuba Education Tours
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