[Marxism] Energy and El Niño, Venezuela and Colombia

Rod Holt rholt at planeteria.net
Thu Nov 12 14:32:03 MST 2009

Capacity limits are likely to be in local distribution overload and  
not in the transmission lines. A transmission line carrying 4 times  
its design rating could easily dissipate the extra power lost without  
damage, but it would be  totally uneconomic. In contrast, a  
transformer carrying 4 times its rated capacity would explode.
Up-grading distribution transformers is very expensive these days.
I guess that the big problem lies with the original designs which  
favored low initial cost. Having designed transformers for years,  
I'll say that I can give you almost anything you want, for a given  
output power, a small cheap transformer running at 60 percent  
efficiency (blistering hot) or an fancy 95 percent one costing 10  
times more and weighing 5 times as much. For power companies, they  
simply make a tradeoff  for their minimum total cost.

On Nov 12, 2009, at 11:39 AM, Les Schaffer wrote:

> S. Artesian wrote:
>> So Venezuela is losing an excessive amount of transmitted energy,  
>> and is
>> running up against capacity limitations?
>> Yes?  No?
> yes, and so is at least Brazil, IF the losses are transmission losses
> and not "theft". am not yet convinced temperature explains non-theft
> losses. according to the IEA data, S. America overall is around the  
> same
> efficiency as rest of world. so a contradictory portrait remains until
> better data is available. No?
> the quote on Seneca mentions installing 45k power measuring  
> devices: not
> clear if this is to track down and eliminate transmission losses,  
> or is
> neo-liberal/privatized attempt to track down energy "theft".
> Les
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