[Marxism] Fidel critiques Obama, sees more rightist govts. in LatAm

Steve Palmer spalmer999 at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 14 17:07:59 MST 2009

Anyone know where he got the $57 trillion figure from?
Fed Z1 Flow of Funds tables show a 'mere' $33.6 trillion, 250 % of Gdp ... ?


> How can he contribute to the solution of the grave economic
> problems afflicting a large part of humanity when at the end of 2008
> the total debt of the United States --including that of the federal, state
> and local administrations, the businesses and families-amounted to 57
> trillion dollars, that is, over 400% of its GDP, and that country's
> budget deficit reached almost 13% of its GDP in fiscal year 2009, an
> information that Obama is certainly aware of. 


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