[Marxism] An article by John Pilger Kathy Pollitt should read (but she won't)

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Sun Nov 15 09:12:16 MST 2009

I got out of the prediction biz years ago, but we can make a few
observations based on past experience....

The most likely sign of a serious disaffection at the Democratic base will
be the defection of some of the lesser Democratic officeholders and
officeseekers.  These will mostly be scrambling to stay in front of the
process, though this doesn't preclude some of them becoming genuinely
radicalized themselves...maybe Cynthia McKinney's an early example of this.

They won't be trying to establish a serious permanent third party, but to
demonstrate the disaffection at the polls in the form of a protest vote to
pull the Democrats their direction.


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