[Marxism] Rwanda: The Case for Humanitarian Intervention

nada dwaltersMIA at gmail.com
Sun Nov 15 14:31:26 MST 2009

Michael, thank you for this link. This was one of the most interesting, 
and concise studies I ever looked at about the Genocide in Rwanda. It 
explains a LOT about the reality.

What I like is how the two investigators got involved with this and 
remained dispassionate throughout their studies, that in fact it was the 
computer modeling that showed that who died and by whom is now totally 
up for grabs while understanding that 1 million Rwandans did in fact die.

My only gripe with the data they provide is rather overly 'objective' 
understanding that a large number of deaths were committed 
'spontaneously'... something that I believe is a silly abstraction from 
the reality of the politics of the country, especially with radio 
programs, that they don't mention, blasting away urging on the people 
committing crimes. But it is still worth reading by everyone on this list.


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