[Marxism] CPUSA and third party politics

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Nov 15 16:17:24 MST 2009

Kenneth Morgan wrote:

> This discussion reminds me of an interview with Michael Parenti, that was
> aired on listener supported KPFA FM radio, Berkeley, CA, election night,
> 2000. By the time Parenti was interviewed it was apparant that Gore had
> lost. Parenti stated, "the Democratic Party is a social democratic party,"
> and went on to state that the only legitimate political activity for
> Leftists in the US was supporting, campaigning, and voting for Democratic
> Party candidates every 2 years. Does anyone know if he still holds these
> positions?

I once told Parenti that he was the best speaker I had ever heard from 
the CP. He replied that he was *not* in the CP. My guess is that he was 
around them but has absorbed very little of the crappy identification 
with whichever Democrat is in the White House that the CP has made 
infamous. His statement on KPFA, I would guess, is more of a pro forma 
statement than anything else.

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