[Marxism] The Socialist Revolution Started 90 Years Ago in China

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Can't wait for parts 5,6,7,8 and Henry's analysis of the outcome of  that 
great united front between the KMT and the CPC-- actually we should  find 
early enough in parts 5 or 6 if we're already up to 1923.

Of  course, we really don't have to wait for Henry's analysis.  We already  
know what happened with that grand united front.

Actually, Mr. Liu states his point of view in detail. He pinpoints the year 
 of the coming apart of the alliance after the death of Sun Yat Sen  and  
assassinations against the left of the KMT. 
Actually, Henry articles tend to be much better than the Marxist especially 
 on the economic details of China. What I liked about this series was his  
insights into the moments when capital reaches its limit and its internal  
movement as contradiction passes over to antagonism. This is pretty  
consistent with his view on sovereign birth credits, rather than labor  
certificates, as an economic structure of economic communism. 

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