[Marxism] you can't make this stuff up

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 07:45:32 MST 2009

The Zionists have come up with the best definition of chutzpah ever:
The U.S. Agency
for International Development gave them money to construct a new
checkpoint, the first
one big enough to let vehicles through. And who are the first people
they detain? US
diplomats! They were stopped for hours and the entire US-funded
checkpoint closed because
they refused, as is diplomats' right, to show ID. (Actually, the
Zionists didn't care
about the Americans, what they really wanted to see was the IDs of
their Palestinian
drivers, but the diplomats, as again is their right, refused at first.)
And speaking of definitions, the discomfort caused to the Americans
gives new meaning to
the phrase "poetic justice." When you lay down with pigs...
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