[Marxism] Chrysler: Bad news gives way to worse.

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Tue Nov 17 04:19:05 MST 2009

REPORT: Senator John McCain doesn't believe Chrysler will make it

Chrysler  stays in the news. 
The form of the working class movement has shifted. 
UAW membership has sunk below 400,000. 
There are roughly 540,000 UAW retired workers. 
Jefferson Assembly - where Jeep is produced, has a workforce of 1500 and  
30,000 retired workers connected to this one local union. 30,000! These 
30,000  are not connected to production. 
Local Union meeting require a quorum to hold official business. Most local  
unions meeting do not have a quorum, which is generally 50 people. Retiree  
meeting generally bring out 125 - 200 members. The impact of this shift 
will be  felt at the Constitutional Convention next year.  

Chrysler  workers face a change in health care moving over to VEBA in 
January. Word has  leaked out that Chrysler can only fund VEBA 60% of its 
commitment. Cuts are  underway before the program is implemented. Chrysler collapse 
throws its retired  workers pension into crisis and into the hands of 
government. The historic form  of class struggle, wherein the workers were bonded 
to their employer is being  superceded by a new form of struggle outside 
the employer-employer relations. 
Here is the real class struggle as external collision between - not within, 

The social struggle in America is shifting to the  dispossessed 
proletarians. An era of social revolution has opened, unlike  anything we have 
experienced. Battle lines are slowly coming into focus. This  dispossessed 
proletariat is not a lumpen proletariat. Here is the meaning of  society moves in 
class antagonism. Antagonism displaces - supercedes,  contradiction.  

What have taken place over the past 20 years  is the fundamental shattering 
and restructuring of the industrial proletariat  that took shape on the 
basis of Fordism. The social consequence of the  revolution in the material 
power of productive forces are being felt society  wide. To emancipate itself 
this growing dispossessed proletariat has to toss all  of society up in the 

Here is the social revolution Marx  outlined. 

Let us march on til victory is won!
Proletarians  Unite. 

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