[Marxism] The Chinese Revolution (90 years ago)

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It's a thin list because I am referring to examinations of this specific 
period, and  examinations that directly take on the notion of "stages," 
"national democratic revolution"-- or whatever else you want to call it, 
alliances with the "national" bourgeoisie, and the results of the 
subordination of the workers' movement to the CCP.

Obviously there was a revolutionary movement, and moment, in China prior to 
the Japanese invasion-- the Communist International was quite clear that 
there was this revolutionary moment.  The ECCI identified Chiang Kai-Shek 
and the KMT as the leaders of this revolution and ordered the subordination 
of the CCP.

Those are facts, a difficult thing I know, for those who would rather not 
assign responsibility for failure to something other than "mistakes,"  but 
life, and history, are tough and demand a bit more rigor and a lot less 

If we were going to get into a deeper analysis of China, I have a whole 
syllabus of books I would recommend, first and foremost being Huang's 
studies of the peasant economy in China.

I have a copy of Bianco's book and intend to read it as soon as I finish 
some work on railroads and the Mexican revolution.  Thanks for the other 

I'll make you a deal-- you get Waistline to read my "thin list," and you 
read Huang's studies, and in return I'll read every book on the list you 
provided, including the one on Mao's political thought.  Deal?

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