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>>“Do you mean a 'social' revolution in that it's "Socialist" or a  
revolution that simply overturns the current political state from feudalistic  
warlord and colonial dismemberment to a modern democratic one?” << 
None of the above. 
The social revolution means revolution in the material power of productive  
forces, as this compels a qualitative reorganization of society.  The  
industrial revolution was such, ushering in the transition from agrarian society 
 - feudalism, to industrial society. The industrial revolution proceeded as 
a  curve of development throughout the world. In 1920, the back of the 
curve of  this social revolution, were all the countries on earth, existing in 
and or  leaving feudalism. In this sense, Russia was at the back of the 
curve. Not the  front as Comrade David feels. It is not simply a ratio of 
peasants to industrial  workers, but the revolutionary transition from one mode of 
production to  another. 
Two intersecting event drove the transition from agrarian society to  
industrial society: changes in the form of wealth from land to gold or what  
Engles calls movable property and revolution in the productive forces or  
bluntly, the steam engine. Countries leaving feudalism defines back of the curve  
of the industrial revolution.  
America, England, Germany and France for instance were at the front of the  
curve, not withstanding their differences and variations. Roughly what some 
call  combined and uneven development, I suppose. 
At the front of the curve, the social revolution taking place was the  
passing from successive boundaries of industrial revolution, unhampered by  
feudal economic and social relations. America is the purest expression of this  
process. In 1920’s America the new boundary being passed through is 
generally  called Fordism. In the struggle for industrial trade unionism dominated 
the  political agenda of the workers. This quantitative boundary gave way to 
another  boundary in the mid 1950’s, registered as a change in the ratio of 
white collar  to blue-collar workers, and the peaking of the industrial 
trade union movement.  The new juncture or boundary was registered as the Toyota 
production system. In  the late 1970s, the increasing perfection and mass 
production of the  semi-conductor inaugurated the beginning of a transition - 
qualitative leap in  the material power of the productive forces. This 
signals social  revolution.   
The application of a new technological regime to the existing production  
process halted further quantitative expansion - at the front of the curve, on 
 the old electro-mechanical basis. Corresponding to the emergence of this 
new  technological regime were changes in finance capital, registered as the  
emergence of a new non-banking financial architecture, more than less 
outside  the production of surplus value,  or what I understand to be change in 
the  form of wealth. From land to gold or movable property to super symbolic. 
In  addition changes in the form of the working class takes place expressed 
as  so-called de industrialization or the emergence of a dispossessed 
I understand the word proletariat to be a property designation. Change in  
the form of the proletariat - from industrial to post industrial, does not  
change the property tag that is called “proletariat.”  The overthrow of  
capital is necessary to abolish the proletariat as proletariat. A change in 
the  productive forces changes the form of the working class. 
In a period of social revolution, the political form of the state is fought 
 out. The fight emerging in America today is not simply a form of class 
collusion  and collision wherein the workers fight for a greater share of the 
social  products as reform of the system. One cannot change a reform fight 
into a  revolutionary struggle for power on the basis of slogans and correct 
We are fighting today to win the workers over to the goal of a political  
form of the state that reorganizes society based on a system of sovereign 
birth  credits or economic communism. This was not the case in the past 
century. What  was fought out was industrial unionism and Civil Rights. To do this 
we must  first be located where the struggle is breaking out and recruit 
people. To  recruit people we have to be involved. 
That is to say the historic problem of the communist movement has been the  
absence of a communist - dispossessed proletarian, class. I am two 
generation  auto and we were hardly dispossessed. We were the great American middle 
class.  We fought tooth and nail and the communists in Detroit were not run 
out of the  plants in the dark days of the with hunts. In the Genral Motors 
plants in Flint  - 20 minutes from Detroit, they ran the communists out of 
the plants and out of  town. We stood our ground but the movement could not 
transcend a historical  boundary. 
Wait until I tell the real story of Reuther at the overpass and why he got  
his ass kicked. There were 6,000 black workers in the Rouge steel division 
that  would not lift a finger for Reuther because them mutherfuckers were 
not right.  That is why Reuther got fucked up. Fuck Walther Reuther, 
anti-communist  sonabitch. John L. Lewis had to come to Detroit and speak at the 
Olympia Theater  and tell everyone present that anyone against the Negro workers 
could leave the  meeting now and go to hell. 
I’m speeding but need to tell the story while there is still time. Social  
revolution is the result of changes in the means of production, qualitative  
changes. America was already on the industrial path. That is why we were 
locked  into a boundary of reform of the industrial system. It still had space 
to grow.  “Until all the space for its growth is used up” or whatever it 
was Marx said. 
The subjective movement for communism lacked the economic legs in the  
past.  In America we are experiencing the real time emergence of a  communist 
class, whose spontaneous motion is to strive to secure socially  necessary 
means of life, without regard to whether or not its labor power is  purchased 
and deployed in the process of production. 
What is taking place in Detroit is off the charts, along with the rest of  
the country, but the crisis hit Detroit at the front of technological 
advance.  When applications for jobs are passed out 30,000 people show up. When 
the city  announced a program to help the indigent - a month ago, 60,000 
people showed up  downtown. The amount of vacant houses in Detroit is the size of 
the city of  Boston! The city is bracing for the collapse of Chrysler. The 
UAW is in  collapse. Demonstrations for a single payer health care system 
has swelled in  the last 60 days. In August of this year such demonstrations 
brought out 25  people. A handful of unionists and hard core communist. Today 
these  demonstrations are approaching 300 and up. 
This is not a repeat of the 1930’s when the system was passing through  
successive boundaries of development of the productive forces. Nor is this akin 
 to the late 1960s and early 1970’s when the blacks workers demanded an end 
to  Jim Crow and speed up. 
Allow me to digress. At my last union meeting of the retirees 125 people  
were present. The composition of the meeting was 65% black and 35% white. Our 
 local union hall is located in the “bad - eastside, of Detroit. For 
Comrade  David, I mean off Mack and Conners, a couple of blocks from the Jefferson 
plant.  It’s a new local union hall. Yea we built probably the last new 
autoworkers  union hall in America. 
At this particular meeting the outrage of the white workers were  
thundering. All over the issue of health care. No tea baggers in this meeting my  
friend. This is the undiscovered country my brother. Shakespeare shit. 
The retired workers outside of engagement with production are becoming a  
force. This shits outside of the old shape of the social conflict and we were 
 prepared with our odd ball theories about new forms of classes and 
revolution in  the productivity regime. Eight months ago, we damn near had to fight 
at Local 7  to pass out literature on a single payer health care system. 
Ten months ago in  Lansing Michigan - the state Capitol or rather Capital, the 
Conyers, Jesse  Jackson Sr., trade union bureaucrat alignment  tried to 
muscle our ass for  screaming “single payer.” 
Now the shit is going to hit the fan in 45 days when VEBA is implemented.  
VEBA is “Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association” or a health plan that 
the  company dumped on the union. Actually, VEBA was not dumped on the 
union.  Gettlefinger - President of the UAW accepted this crap over the 
protestations of  the uppermost shelf of the union bureaucracy fighting to save its 
own life. This  fight was also in the interest of the union members. 
Gettlefinger was elected President because the previous president, hated  
the intellectuals in the UAW. This meant Steven Yockich hated Bob King. Bob 
is  an intellectual in the organizing department of the union and positioned  
 to become the new President next year. Bob King is from the Ford division. 
The  Ford division rejected the new contract in October - last month, and 
ran Bob out  of numerous local union meetings. The Ford guys and dolls are 
not on the  government dole. You know the story: Ford has a better idea, blah, 
blah, blah. 
Chrysler workers looking at pension collapse after health care coverage  
collapse and General Motors workers are still trying to figure out what  
Here is the theory grid as I see it. 
Previous generations of Marxist held that at a certain point in the  
evolution of the proletarian insurgency, the struggle of the workers leaps  
outside the bound/bond of employee- employer relations and the movement assumes  
political dimensions leading to a fight against the state. Lenin wrote about  
this in “What Is To Be Done” under the rubric of economist and trying to 
render  the economic struggle political. Marx spoke of the fight for the 
eight hour day  rather than simply over condition of labor. 
This is not our case. The revolution of the revolution in productive forces 
 shoves  a growing section of the proletariat outside of active engagement  
with productive forces and places it in external collision with the entire  
system of bourgeois production. The previous revolution in productive 
forces  brought the masses into social production. This new revolution pushes 
them out. 
Three years ago I did not think the retired workers would be hit this  
hard.  I do not know what I thought before things manifested themselves in  the 
real. Yea I have followed pension funds but thought I was good to at least  
These retired workers are beginning to occupy  the same or similar  space 
and time as the dispossessed proletariat. The retired workers have a  little 
money but they are dispossessed or lack an organic connection with  
I’m like  . . . What the fuck. I worked thirty and  . . . Oh hell  no. But 
here I am. 
Lets try and spell this out in unmistakable terms. These retired workers of 
 the UAW number 540,000, which is a heck of a lot more than the total 
employed  workforce of the former Big 3. Total employed of the old Big 3 is less 
than  150,000. The Chrysler workers can demand nothing of the company, which 
is in  hock to the government and about to collapse. This motion is called 
external  collision or a direct battle with the government. When the state 
steps in the  struggle is again transformed into a struggle against the 
It is the social consequence of the revolution in productive forces - not  
the circuit of capital, which brings the proletariat at the front of the 
curve  to revolution. Stated another way: it is not just the crisis of 
overproduction  that is bringing the proletariat at the front of the curve to social 
revolution.  It is a new revolution in the productive forces - the 
systematic implementation  of a new technological regime that leads to social 
revolution. This is Marx is  pure form. 
No one could know this before the emergence of a new technological regime. 
The problem is deeper because the human eye cannot see emergence. When we  
register the new social consequence this means we are at the second phase of 
the  process because of the problem of emergence. New social consequence 
means new  form of proletarian insurgence. I know this sound stupid but it is 
This is not about socialism versus bourgeois democracy. 
This about communism verus fascism on the left and right. FDR was a  
potential fascist on the left. He actually favored left fascism. 
Then there is Obama. He is the best thing to happen in America in 30 years. 
 Obama as President means class comes to the fore. 
Sorry about the bad writing but I do this in streams of thought, while  
struggling hard not to read any books. 

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