[Marxism] What we share with animals

Maxwell Clark maxclark84 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 18 07:46:55 MST 2009


The above linked letter by Ryne Poelker to the Socialist Worker is the
most learned, practical, and prescient contribution to the recent
"animal controversy" yet made available. While, in the grey world of
theory, all polemics are interminable, this letter provides something
approaching a sound closure to the issue for me. Also note that, as a
schizophrenic, I am liable to be (have been) stripped of all my
"rights", the very "rights of man", over and over again by the state.
Thus am I "like" an animal. In end, and in truth, I warn this list
that all are liable to be so excepted from the rule of law. We all may
"become-animal", if not biologically (of course), then legally.
Giorgio Agamben has written well on this I believe. I just finished
his beautiful 'State of Exception'. Nothing better has yet been
written on the intimate, intricate relations between Walter Benjamin
and Carl Schmitt.

The very best,
Max Clark

p.s. also just picked up Quentin Meillassoux's 'After Finitude'.
anyone else have any thoughts to share on this title? anything on
"arche-fossils", "ancestrality", and whatnot?


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