[Marxism] What we share with animals

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In this interesting new essay, Steven Best argues that ethology is demonstrating just how similar to us--emotionally, cognitively, linguistically, even culturally--many non-human animals actually are.


Michael D.

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> http://socialistworker.org/2009/11/18/what-we-share-with-animals
> The above linked letter by Ryne Poelker to the Socialist
> Worker is the
> most learned, practical, and prescient contribution to the
> recent
> "animal controversy" yet made available. While, in the grey
> world of
> theory, all polemics are interminable, this letter provides
> something
> approaching a sound closure to the issue for me. Also note
> that, as a
> schizophrenic, I am liable to be (have been) stripped of
> all my
> "rights", the very "rights of man", over and over again by
> the state.
> Thus am I "like" an animal. In end, and in truth, I warn
> this list
> that all are liable to be so excepted from the rule of law.
> We all may
> "become-animal", if not biologically (of course), then
> legally.
> Giorgio Agamben has written well on this I believe. I just
> finished
> his beautiful 'State of Exception'. Nothing better has yet
> been
> written on the intimate, intricate relations between Walter
> Benjamin
> and Carl Schmitt.
> The very best,
> Max Clark
> p.s. also just picked up Quentin Meillassoux's 'After
> Finitude'.
> anyone else have any thoughts to share on this title?
> anything on
> "arche-fossils", "ancestrality", and whatnot?
> http://clarkmax.blogspot.com
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