[Marxism] What we share with animals?

Greg McDonald sabocat59 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 18 17:47:12 MST 2009

 How to make tempeh in your home:



Juan Fajardo wrote:

It is precisely the point, as "value" is itself an abstract concept.
How is a physical reaction, ie retracting from pain or danger, a
sufficient basis to impute to them the ability or indeed the
self-awareness to formulate that abstrac and attach it to their own

OK, I'll bite. So, when you burn yourself by accidentally putting your
hand on a hot surface, do you go through the cognitive and abstract
process of attributing value to not cooking your hand, and then do you
pull your hand off the surface, or do you instinctively react by
pulling your hand away first? And, does that instinctive reaction then
negate the newly discovered usefulness of having two uncooked hands,
as an "abstract" and cognitive process of valuation? Or does it rather
reinforce the abstraction in an organic manner?


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