[Marxism] What we share with animals

nada dwaltersMIA at gmail.com
Wed Nov 18 18:23:25 MST 2009

Juan was making a similar point than mine. "Value" has an understanding 
that is uniquely human, or proven so far. When I stated this I meant it 
as verb, that is similar to "appreciation". That animals feel pain is a 
reason not to torture animals. It doesn't mean we shouldn't eat them. 
That they feel pain is not a 'value' in any definition of the word. Pain 
is a biological response. Clams feel pain. Squirt some lemon on them and 
they react. That they 'value' anything is absurd. Singer's views extent 
to clams. It extends to crickets. And so on, absurdum. No lines are 
really drawn.

Two quail die. Unfortunate (because I can "value" quail on several 
levels, unlike the unfortunate examples). Hold a funeral? I think not. 
In fact I can think of somethings to do with wild quail killed in this 
manner. Which I think is more respectful of their 'gift' than upholding 
them "equally" to humans as some on this list would do.


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