[Marxism] Cyber Cuba

Jeffrey Thomas Piercy mqduck at mqduck.net
Thu Nov 19 05:40:06 MST 2009

Lüko Willms wrote:
>    I have just added the following information to the english language 
> Wikipedia article 
>> <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yoani_S%C3%A1nchez>
> on this "blogger", Yoani Sánchez:
> --------- cut -----------------
>  Her Internet domain desdecuba.com is registered and hosted by Cronon AG, 
> the subsidiary for enterprise customers and large resellers of Strato AG, 
> Europe's second largest Web Space Provider. The contact address for that 
> domain is the press spokesperson of Strato in Spain. The headquarters of 
> Strato are in Berlin, Germany.

Huh, I *thought* that looked oddly informative when I read it just now.

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