[Marxism] Hand of "Frog" strikes Eire down: Henry admits handball, FAI requests replay

Greg McDonald sabocat59 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 10:46:18 MST 2009

Martin wrote:

Perhaps I am missing something here, but "Frog" is normally considered
a derogratory term for the French, that I wouldn't expect to see on
this mailing list. Not that I particularly understand why we're having
football stories posted out either.

you're right Martin. I should have placed "frog" in quotation marks.
That was from the mouth of an FAI official. Better than the G word
though, don't you think? "2nd hand of god" just doesn't have the same
pulp newspaper ring to it.

Since the Irish government is weighing in, it is quickly becoming a
political issue, thus the relevance to the list. International
integrity of the sport, etc., etc.


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