[Marxism] [CubaNews] The "human rights debate" (again) --just when Congress is seeking to end the travel ban

Shane Mage shmage at pipeline.com
Thu Nov 19 15:55:16 MST 2009

On Nov 19, 2009, at 5:09 PM, Karen Lee Wald wrote:

> Democracy and human rights...
> ...No, Cuba does not let anyone print whatever they want, organize  
> whatever they want, with the express intention of overthrowing the  
> revolution's gains and/or aiding and abetting its enemies...

Yes, but the main thing, overwhelmingly, is that the Castroists do not  
allow *anyone* to print anything critical of their leadership--not  
even members of the Communist party who obviously have no intention  
whatsoever of "overthrowing the revolution's gains and/or aiding and  
abetting its enemies."  Nor do they permit
anyone, and most particularly members of the Communist party, to  
organize anything at all political even within their party.  For  
example, ever since Fidel betrayed his promise to end sugar  
monoculture, there has never been any public debate over his  
agricultural policy (and of course no chance for the Cuban people to  
change it).  Today everyone, even Raul Castro (except of course for  
the infallible Fidel), recognizes this policy as such an unmitigated  
calamity that the already minimal rations "guaranteed" to the people  
are being cut back. Since Cuba has always had all the resources needed  
to feed itself without imports of chemically-stuffed US farm products,  
the embargo was "successful" exactly to the extent that its success  
was facilitated by stupid Cuban policies.

Democracy--a critical press and a critical opposition--is not a  
luxury. Cubans pay for its absence at every meal.

Shane Mage

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