[Marxism] Cyber Cuba

Jeffrey Thomas Piercy mqduck at mqduck.net
Thu Nov 19 16:39:39 MST 2009

Lüko Willms wrote:
>   I am at odds to understand your comment -- my English is not sufficient for 
> that, and I probably also lack a sense for US matters. 

I meant that I was surprised to see the information you added -
factually informative, therefor looking strange compared to the rest of
the article.

>    Anyway, my addtions have of course been deleted right away by some 
> other users who claimed that a) it is not relevant, b) just spam for another 
> website. 

Unfortunately, it's probably a lost cause. You'd have to win a majority
of admins and regular editors ("consensus" in Wikispeak), and most of
the ones interested will be Cubaphobes and the ubiquitous "notability"
(more Wikispeak) police - and you'd only have a chance with someone in
the second group.

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