[Marxism] A thank you note I'd like to share

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Nov 20 16:39:38 MST 2009


Louis Proyect


                          November 20, 2009

Dear Louis,

We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for writing a 
wonderful review of our film Yiddish Theater: A Love Story.  That review 
set us on an exciting two year long journey in which the film 
successfully played in New York , Los Angeles , Tel Aviv, Florida , 
Indiana and many other places world wide and is now finally culminating 
with the release of the film on DVD.

As you might recall, the film was made on a shoe string budget and had 
no studio or distribution company backing the release so the effect of 
your review was enormous.  We wanted to share with you what transpired:

Yiddish Theater: A Love Story was one of the most successful films the 
NY Two Boots Pioneer had in its last years, and it played at the Laemmle 
Theatre chain in LA for 18 weeks.  People just kept coming!  Since we 
had no money for advertising there’s no doubt this happened thanks to 
the reviews - that was the only way people heard about the film.

We apologize for taking so long to send this note but since we still do 
everything ourselves we’ve been swamped in the last two years in a 
whirlwind of theatrical and semi-theatrical screenings.  We are grateful 
to you for enabling this.

With deep gratitude,

Ravit Markus, Producer

Dan Katzir, Director

New Love Films contact at newlovefilms.com 323-939-3261 www.newlovefilms.com

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