[Marxism] I support the wolves

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Sat Nov 21 07:23:26 MST 2009

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Idaho extends controversial wolf season
"Hunter Gray" <hunterbadbear at hunterbear.org>
Sat, 21 Nov 2009 07:12:43 -0700
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I support the wolves.  The wolf hunt issue is substantial in Idaho and 
Montana -- and Wyoming as well although no hunt has yet occurred there. 
  In 2006, liberal Democrat Jerry Brady [pro-wolf] was defeated for the 
governorship by right-winger Butch Otter [wolf hunt advocate] in an 
unusually bitter election.
In one of its many capitulations to so-termed conservatives, the Obama 
administration removed wolves from protected status -- leaving the issue 
up to the Northern Rockies states involved.
Idaho's wolf hunt hasn't turned out nearly as well as proponents wished 
-- and Fish and Game has just extended the season for three months.   As 
the article from the Spokane paper indicates, this could pose starvation 
threats to very young wolves should their parents be killed.  On the 
other hand, winter is coming in very soon now to Idaho and we've had 
snow hereabouts already -- with more predicted in the next few days. 
Wolves can handle snow quite OK -- but many contemporary hunters cannot 
-- and many will be unable to get into the back country.  Montana met 
its much smaller quota and ended its season.
This three month extension by Idaho could open things up to more 
anti-hunt litigation.  In any event, opponents of wolf hunting 
definitely plan to, early on, fight plans for any future seasons in the 
Mountain West.  [H]

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