[Marxism] Best books on Allende

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Sat Nov 21 09:16:45 MST 2009


I did a lot of research on Chile under Allende for my Masters' Degree. I
highly recommend Peter Winn's work. Here's what I found to be some of the
best books. If anyone's interested, I also wrote 2 fairly lengthy papers on
this topic which I would be willing to e-mail to anyone interested, one on
the Cordones Industriales (workers' councils) and the Chilean Road to
Socialism, and another on The Military Strategy of Allende and the Chilean

The best book I found is:

Smirnow, Gabriel.  *The Revolution Disarmed*.  New York: Monthly Review,

On U.S. involvement, probably the best is Peter Kornbluh's The Pinochet
File, which collects together declassified U.S. documents.

Other recommendations:

Roxborough, Ian, O’Brien, Philip, and Roddick, Jackie.  *Chile: The State
and Revolution*.
New York: Holmes and Meier, 1977.

Winn, Peter.  “Loosing the Chains: Labor and the Chilean Revolutionary
Process, 1970-

1973.” *Latin American Perspectives*. 1976.

Winn, Peter. “Salvador Allende: His Political Life … and Afterlife.” *Socialism
and *

*Democracy*. November 2005: 129-159.

Winn, Peter. *Weavers of Revolution: The Yarur Workers and Chile’s Road to
Socialism*. New
York: Oxford, 1986.

Gaudichaud, Franck. *Poder Popular y Cordones Industriales: Testimonios
sobre el *
*Movimiento Popular Urbano, 1970-1973*. Santiago, Chile: LOM, 2004.

Espinoza, Juan and Zimbalist Andrew. *Economic Democracy: Workers’
Participation in *

*Chilean Industry, 1970-1973**.  *New York: Academic, 1978.

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