[Marxism] Another side of the Berlin Wall

Adam Richmond adambrichmond at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 24 10:04:46 MST 2009

The wall was a response to imperialist provocation.... and a very poor one at that.  It was a bureaucratic, cruel, and barbarous response.  It did not safeguard socialism in the short on long term, it instead divided working class families, split the potential power of a united working class in Germany, and safeguarded the narrow Stalinist interests of the SED. 

Gay people may have had more "on paper" legal rights in East Berlin, but the cultural explosion of the gay scene in West Berlin was far more inspiring and compelling than any anemic gay scene in East Berlin. 

As for the "picket line means do not cross" lingo....it's a pathetic attempt to give a working class fig-leaf to a monstrosity that the East German working class hated.  The main danger to East German socialism was not in West Germany, but in the wretched police government of the SED.

Adam Richmond
Ex neo-marcyite


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