[Marxism] Another side of the Berlin Wall

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Tue Nov 24 18:02:42 MST 2009

Adam Richmond wrote::

> The main danger to East German
> socialism was not in West Germany, but in the wretched police
> government of the SED.

Nestor replied:

>This is either misled, or false.
>The main danger WAS in West Germany.
>The greatest failure, or danger if you so prefer, of the "wretched
police government of the SED", was that it was a doomed to fail.

This seems to  me a pointless counter-position. Both were dangers, and they 
reinforced each other.

But Nestor, why the quotation marks? The SED did run a wretched police 
government. My friend in East Berlin was confronted on campus by a Stasi 
agent who had been reading her mail. "You're corresponding with an 
 American." Her father, a blue collar worker, had gone to prison for trying 
to leave the GDR, and he was no right winger. Rather he was basically 
apolitical. What is this if not a wretched police state?

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