[Marxism] Another side of the Berlin Wall

Nestor Gorojovsky nmgoro at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 20:09:04 MST 2009

Quotation marks simply show that I am quoting, to the letter, what Adam 
wrote. If I quote him to the letter, it is because I agree to the marrow...

I am no worshipper of the SED nor of its regime, of course. Never been, 
never will be, never COULD be...

And the counter-position is not as pointless, though it is partially 
pointless. As I am arguing on an answer to L. Willms, we should place 
most of the "historical blame" for Stalinism at the doorstep of the 
Western bourgeois. Not that we must not learn, as Socialists, from what 
happened in the Soviet Union. Not at all.

But what those regimes show is not a home made product, not a completely 
home made product. They show to us the true face of bourgeois 
imperialists, as if portrayed on a looking glass. We should care about 
the kind of looking glass we built, but not blame it for what is 
essentially the fault of the imperialists.

More or less, that´s why I made that remark.

Which, anyway, may not be as important to debate around. On this, yes, 
we share a point.

Tom O'Lincoln escribió:
> Adam Richmond wrote::
>> The main danger to East German
>> socialism was not in West Germany, but in the wretched police
>> government of the SED.
> Nestor replied:
>> This is either misled, or false.
>> The main danger WAS in West Germany.
>> The greatest failure, or danger if you so prefer, of the "wretched
> police government of the SED", was that it was a doomed to fail.
> This seems to  me a pointless counter-position. Both were dangers, and they 
> reinforced each other.
> But Nestor, why the quotation marks? The SED did run a wretched police 
> government. My friend in East Berlin was confronted on campus by a Stasi 
> agent who had been reading her mail. "You're corresponding with an 
>  American." Her father, a blue collar worker, had gone to prison for trying 
> to leave the GDR, and he was no right winger. Rather he was basically 
> apolitical. What is this if not a wretched police state?

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