[Marxism] Eight Theses on the Economic Crisis

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Wed Nov 25 10:13:24 MST 2009

Let us suppose that all, or some, of the predictions regarding the
magnitude of the presenteconomic crisis are correct. That it is a
titanic collapse of the economy.

And it intend the following query with utter seriousness:

So What!?

An economic crisis is the crisis of a particular economic regime _withn_
capitalism. There is no reason what3ver to call such a crisis a Crisdis
of Capitalism! There is no reason to think it represents any challenge
to or weakening of Capitalism as such.

And the worse it is, the more widespread misery it cvauses, the less
will be its challenge to Capitalism as a ssystem, for it will radically
individualize workers of all strat of the calss as they desperately
focus on individual survival.

So what is the purpose of this endless chatter about the state of the


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