[Marxism] Eight Theses on the Economic Crisis

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Gee, let's ask Karl why he spent so much time analyzing capitalism, the 
economic changes that indicated more or less success in expanded 
reproduction; the indicators of the conflict between the means and relations 
of production.

Gee Karl, why did you write that stuff about crisis in your preface to the 
2nd edition of volume 1 of Capital?

Hey Karl, in utter seriousness, a question:  So what?  And besides, who 

You think "the less will be the challenge to capitalism as a system"?  Well, 
so far, all indications are that you are wrong-- from workers confronting 
bosses and taking over factories, to open discussions about socialism in the 
US, to Marx's Capital appearing on best-seller lists.

Less a challenge when it can't deliver the goods?  That's a twist.

I don't think I ever referred to this as THE crisis of capitalism-- the big 
one with a capital 1.

But there are reasons for the breakdown of capital, and those reasons 
generally lead to increased class struggle.  And that's not chatter.  That's 
historical materialism.

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> Let us suppose that all, or some, of the predictions regarding the
> magnitude of the presenteconomic crisis are correct. That it is a
> titanic collapse of the economy.
> And it intend the following query with utter seriousness:
> So What!?
> An economic crisis is the crisis of a particular economic regime _withn_
> capitalism. There is no reason what3ver to call such a crisis a Crisdis
> of Capitalism! There is no reason to think it represents any challenge
> to or weakening of Capitalism as such.
> And the worse it is, the more widespread misery it cvauses, the less
> will be its challenge to Capitalism as a ssystem, for it will radically
> individualize workers of all strat of the calss as they desperately
> focus on individual survival.
> So what is the purpose of this endless chatter about the state of the
> economy?
> Carrol
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